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Charlie and his dad are the real deal. I walked in to the shop at 10am am with low expectations that they promptly blew out of the water. In under 4 hours, they dropped me off at my home, dismantled my interior, replaced 3 split panels in my leather seat, reassembled everything, and picked me up at my home so I could take delivery of my freshly rehabbed car. All of this was done with a smile for a great price. When it came down to pay the piper, I threw down a wad of cash and left happy. Charlie chased me down and handed me $100 back because he had accidentally overcharged me. He could have let me walk and I never would have known, but he's a good man and he did the right thing.

The work was done perfectly, punctually, and affordably. I would recommend them to anyone.

Roger E.

Valley Sunroof & Upholstery
This father and son team are  conscientious, kind and professional. Their work is impeccable and the turnaround time was excellent. They provided me with transportation to the rental car place too. This is my second sunroof replacement. The first was on my Toyota Highlander and this was for my Kia Soul. I drove 25 miles to get better workmanship, for less money and 1/3 the time of my "local shop". 
Charlie and his dad treat you like family.

Bella F.


Our clients love our skills of fine quality, knowledge, and services.

That's why we work hard everyday to gain their trust and good reputation. 

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